February 7, 2011



I'm Misty, a little about me, as a active person with a passion for creativity. Going to art school was a goal from a young age, class of 2006 CCS graduate in Detroit, MI. During college my physical activity had slowed down, which I didn't know how to balance during studies. With stress built up from school, job hunting and relocating, I longed for a routine of moment. In 2007 the yoga journey began, the love for yoga grew overtime and recently found my self training in 2016 for my 200 HR RYT with Citizen Yoga.

More Details //

Teaching yoga and paddle board yoga in the summer. Fell in love with boarding in 2011 and ever since my passion grows everyday.

Landscape photography is also a huge interest; Sunrise hikes, lake sunsets and aerial shots from a helicopter. Moab was one of the most beautiful places to shoot, red rocks, Jeeps and amazing views from the mountains.

About The Blog //

The blog was built in 2010 as a way to connect and inspire. Over the years the blog has evolved but has always provided ways to connect and inspire. It will forever evolve but holds the meaning to inspire even if its about living a creative life.


The best part about my journey//

Ive had so many opportunities to reconnect with old friends and watch kids grow up through the lens. Teaching yoga has created an outlet for me marry my creative mind with my physical body. Yoga has all the tools to make each class creative, unique and challenging. 

Fun Facts //

A trip to Maui in 2005 was the first interaction I had with yoga and paddle boarding. I was amazed with yoga, every morning just below the placed I was staying, yoga practice was happening with the ocean as the backdrop. I was also convinced that paddle boarding was a ocean sport only, I never saw it before but loved the boards and its another way to enjoy the water.  



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  • Misty,
    Hey cousin,this is Mary Carver Evans. Just had to say ,you are remarkable! I knew you were in your own Business but didn’t realize you are a Photographer also. You have had such an amazing life. Proud of you!!❤. My daughter and I guess your cousin also??, is trying to get a Business her and her husband started, off the ground. Check it out sometime. Would you give me your opinion. I value it. It is on Facebook. It is called The Carpentry Barn.

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